So, what are recycled aggregates and how are they made? This is essentially a broad term to describe a number of coarse particulate materials used on building sites. They are by-products of the concrete leftover after a project has been completed. However, many recycling experts now specialise in its production.

Concrete aggregate is produced from the waste that is generated when a building or structure is torn down. This material was once sent to landfill, but as it is clearly non-biodegradable, this wasn’t a sustainable long-term solution for construction and building sites.

Environmental sustainability is just one of the reasons why many professional builders are now opting to recycle their old materials. But, unbeknown to many, using old concrete can actually provide a whole host of other benefits – benefits that will not only help the environment, but could also apply to your construction work.

Recycled concrete aggregate can be used safely in a variety of applications. Contrary…

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