Lay Strong Foundations

Employers today understand that productive employees are the cornerstone of any successful business. Therefore, when a new team member comes on board it is vital that they participate in an Employee Induction Program. Why?

An EI Plan ‘Sets the Scene’

An effective EI System showcase’s the company’s history, its mission statement, the direction its heading, company policies, training programs, and the culture within the organization.

Tools to assist with induction:

* Employment Terms and Conditions checklist

* Employee Induction checklist

* The first three months of employment

* Probationary Period Assessment form

More importantly, Employee Induction Procedure’s outline what the company expects from their employees.

Facilitated correctly, the employee will be better able to understand where they fit into the organization and in what direction it is heading. The sooner that is in place the more productive they will be so the perfect time to implement EI Procedures…

Source by David McGillivray

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