Retirement. After endless years of the daily grind, it’s good-bye tension, hello pension. No more lying to the boss about “that appointment” or the “I-fell-down-the-stairs-and-broke-my-arm” excuses. Now it’s time to kick off the shoes, switch on the TV and eat cake (and lots of it) because the gateway to the golden years is nigh.

If you know someone who’s about to step into the never-ending coffee break experience, you’ll want to treat them to some traditional, contemporary and personalised retirement gifts.

Sure, we’ve all received a bad gift. Perhaps it was that hand-knitted bird jumper from your grandma that led to a swift beat-down in the playground. Maybe it was that re-gifted mug that said “Sarah” on it (your name is John).

Bad gift givers like to say something is better than nothing. This is not true. So without further ado, here are some retirement gift ideas for men and women that you’ll want to keep the hell away from…

Re-gifted books. Most of us have been guilty of…

Source by Susie Davids

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