a) The Project Manager

b) The Project Team

c) The Project Plan

d) Project Plan Elements:

1) Cleanse Data

2) Create Test Environment for Application

3) Employee Numbers

4) Configure Organisational Structure

5) Configure Posts (Jobs)

6) Configuring Shift Patterns

7) Configure Employee Details

8) Configure Users’ Access Security

9) Configure HR and Pay Rules

10) Configure Reports

11) Configure Triggers

12) History Carried Forward

13) Populating the New Application

14) Parallel Running

15) Migrate Test Data onto Live Evironment

16) Old Data

16) De-commissioning



This is a rather more detailed look at the HRIS implementation. This has been done with the intention of giving a sense of scope and scale to the professional contemplating the acquisition and implementation of a new or replacement HRIS, and is not exhaustive, nor constitutes the ultimate Project Plan.

Most of this article deals with HR and Payroll applications, but a lot…

Source by Denis Barnard

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