According to the surroundings existing at any time, society could be drained by war, peace, famine or times of plenty. These conditions influenced the public views associated with both crimes and their related punishments. However, as with any human endeavor fostered in a sea of hope and extraction of justice, we witness a slow transformation from that consisting of personal vengeance to our current orderly procession of rules and standards of justice.

We enter the European history timeline at a stage when all acts of personal justice has been left behind and society has created a subculture behind bars to handle those elements within our society who fail to follow the prescribed format identifying right from wrong. No longer could an offender escape justice by fleeing to their family stronghold for united protection as was frequently done in those olden days. Retaliation by ones family was no longer an accepted form of justice.

The public offender in medieval Europe endured…

Source by Joseph Parish

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