Understanding finance has become an essential nowadays. Wherever you go, whatever you do you must always have the art of financial management. Gone are the days when finance and business meant only for businessmen alone. With the evolution of money making as an art, more and more people are joining the race of making money in the best possible way. You can also be an efficient money maker provided you are well aware of the various new trends of the market.

Apart from knowing the performance of various stocks, the volatility of the market, cost of the stocks, you must also know the various terms associated with the transactions so that you are clear with the processes. You can take the help of a broker or a friend in knowing the various processes, terms and their exact meanings. But relying on a person is not advisable at all times. Do not get discouraged! You have a potential solution- financial dictionary.

Financial dictionary is nothing but a collection of words along with their…

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