Project Management Job Specification SWOT Analysis Take a clean piece of paper – with the job specification and any other details about the organisation in front of you, start to jot down your thoughts about the following;

Strengths Top 5 Qualities

Make a note of the top five qualities of the position that appeal to you; what is it about the roles and responsibilities that have made you want to apply for the post? If one of the qualities is just that you like the idea of working for that particular organisation, make a note of that too. Is it the kind of projects you will be working on or a particular business focus that you would like to pursue?


Make a note about anything in the job specification that shows it is consistent with your thinking about this kind of post – does the salary level reflect the position well? Are the roles and responsibilities consistent with this type of post? Are the roles and responsibilities and objectives achievable for this level of post?…

Source by Lindsay Scott

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