Boring admin is often part and parcel of any job. There’s a finite number who can say that throughout their career they haven’t had to do some form of ‘boring admin’ one way or another. Boring admin spills into our personal lives too – how often do you hear a friend or loved one say “I’ve got some life admin I need to do”?

Staying motivated during these more laborious tasks is one of the hardest things I have found to do in my short career (I’m 27, I’ve worked professionally for about 6 years since finishing university). It’s the ability to stay motivated even when the task is so soul-destroying that has led me to a rather fortunate position of being both an employee and part-time freelancer. You might say where does the time go and how do I stay motivated?

Understanding motivational tactics, what works and what doesn’t.

In order to understand how I can be better productive during my time spent working I’ve taken a chunk of time to research what motivation is, how it works and how…

Source by Lewis Ronald Young

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