Transferring files in-between SharePoint sites can sometimes be tricky and often times time consuming. When transferring files from WSS to MOSS, there is no inherent method to test for file consistency and version between an existing SharePoint 2003 site and MOSS 2007 site. We will use ROBOCOPY from the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools to export data from an existing document library to a local share which can then be encrypted and uploaded to send. Follow the steps outlined below:

First you will need to install the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools to either a Windows XP desktop or the Server 2003 server that the SharePoint 2003 site resides on. Once installed you, will have the ROBOCOPY command line tool available for use. The tools will reside in “C:Program FilesWindows Resource KitsTools” and can be accessed via the command line, or the shortcut to “Command Shell” via the Windows Resource Kit Tools program folder created in the Start Menu.

The next step will be to…

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