“We have offered advice [to the UK government] on how to operate as a third country, Jersey has 40 years of experience at this,” said Geoff Cook from industry body Jersey Finance.

He sits on the advisory panel of Britain-wide industry group TheCityUK, and is offering the island’s services to the UK through the organisation.

Jersey officials toured EU capitals meeting representatives from each government, gaining their agreement that the rules are indeed equivalent, in areas such as financial crime principle and tax transparency.

Mr Cook is also keen to make sure Brexit does not affect Jersey’s status: “We have got dialogues in place [with the EU] – there is no desire to change relations. All of the agreements are in place and we do not expect it to change.”

Around 40pc of funds invested via Jersey come from outside of Europe, but end up in the continent as EU nations are a key investment target for funds based in the EU.

If Britain’s investment industry was cut off from the EU post-Brexit, it could be that Jersey would benefit as an alternative route into the EU for global cash, but Mr Cook argues that he wants to see London retain its position in any case.

“We still want London to be a success – we are partners, not rivals,” he says, noting that it is typical for funds in Jersey to have a front office with sales staff meeting investors in London, even when the money comes through the island.

Given Jersey’s historic links to the UK and its status as a crown dependency, he also does not want Britain’s reputation to be damaged.

“We are part of the same deal chain as London. People like English law and the absence of corruption, they like the political stability,” he said.

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