You’re flying on a cross country IFR and all of a sudden air traffic control announces the bad news that your destination airport is expecting delays. He asks you if you’re ready to copy holding instructions. You receive a holding clearance over a VOR station, which you read back. Now you’re faced with the decision of how to enter the hold.

Although there are several tricks to help you decide upon the correct holding entry, in this article you’ll learn how to choose the correct one by drawing a plan view of the scenario. By actually drawing the holding patterns in the beginning of your flight training you’ll gain experience and better situational awareness. Later, as you gain more experience with this, you may choose to use other “tricks” that make the entry decision quicker.

After receiving the holding instruction, you slow down the aircraft, to gain time and conserve fuel (ATC is delaying inbound traffic anyway) and start drawing the situation:

  1. Draw the fix as a small dot or circle…

Source by Amir Fleminger

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