Being a delicacy in Chinese cuisine, bird nest soup is made of edible bird nests that are produced by swiftlets. As trading of bird nest is a lucrative business, swiftlet ranching, building a swiftlet house, has been thriving in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.

To build a swiftlet house, you need to consider the following factors:-

1. Availability of swiftlet

First, and foremost, you must check the area where you wish to build a bird house, see whether there are swiftlets. This can be done by using a special detector.

2. Location

Preferably your bird house should be located outside the residential and commercial area. It can be in the middle of a palm oil plantation. It must be near to bushes and jungles ideally with a river. The reason is that swiftlet food namely insects thrive in this type of environment. During day time when the air near the ground gets warmer, the insects are floated up to the sky where the swiftlets would feed on them.

3. Structure of the house

It could be…

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