You’re approaching retirement and probably looking forward to relaxing in the sun after years of dedicating yourself to supporting a family. But are you really aware of what you are letting yourself in for?

Many Brits are anxious to find warmer, more exciting and less heavily taxed places to live in retirement; even those who aren’t willing to emigrate expect to be able to travel. Whether it’s a decision made based on great holiday experiences, disillusionment with the UK or simply a whim, there are many factors to consider before deciding the grass is greener elsewhere.

As it goes, Alicante is one of the most popular Spanish locations for living abroad. The Alicante economy relies on both tourism from its Costa Blanca beaches and the construction boom caused by demand for second homes and holiday homes. In fact, the percentage of Alicante’s foreign population is relatively high; a combination of both immigrants from destinations such as Argentina, Ecuador and Colombia and, in…

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