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Pension Rights provide a no obligation service to put you in touch with a regulated and qualified Independent Financial advisor. Our free pension review will assess all private and frozen work pensions.

Whilst you have made the choice to pay into a pension to secure your future understanding how secure your future will be is essential. Now more than ever we have to consider our future retirement plans. With the Law changes of April 2015 there is more responsibility on you to look after and manage your pension fund. With this it is very important that this is done sooner rather than later. Pensions can be complicated as there is so many products that are on the market.

Millions of the UK population face the prospect of working longer and will inevitably have less money during retirement. Today you have an opportunity to understand your pension investment effect what you have to spend when you most need it.

You may have several reasons reviewing your pension which could include having a target amount you want to reach when you retire. The Free no obligation Review can provide you projections and answers all questions that you currently have and answers things that you may not have considered.

We pride ourselves on the personal, professional and efficient service that we provide. We will initiate the review whilst all advice will be provided by an Independent Financial Advisor specialising in Wealth Management & Planning. They will give you the understanding of how your pension has performed and is currently performing, in addition terms that could mean you investment may not be passed onto next of kin if you died.