Success and personal achievement is more than being rich – material possessions, titles or degrees. Success is whether you met the goals you set for yourself – and whether those goals stretched you in personal development through overcoming obstacles and giving value to others.

One of my most favorite quotes by Jim Rohn is “Set a goal to be a Millionaire – not for the money but for the person you will become.”

Top achievers argue you cannot be successful without a vision of where you want to get to and a philosophy that helps you map out all the aspects of your life. Similar to a road map, your vision needs to define the origin, destination, strategy, toolkit, milestones, and mission.

Origin: Who are you right now

Every road map has a start out point. Your origin is who you are right now. Most people when asked to introduce themselves would say, “Hi, I’m John and I am a 22-year old IT professional.” It does not tell you about who John is; it only tells you his present job role. To gain…

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